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Custom Kitchens Cabinetry for an Improved Look to the Kitchen

Since the kitchen plays an important role in almost every household, it should be organized in a way that proves to be of the greatest aid to its users. Moreover, in this age when a lot of importance is put on the appeal and design of rooms, it is imperative to design the kitchen in the most appealing manner. Now, improving the look of the kitchen entails the installation of Custom Kitchens cabinetry since its customized look can upgrade the look of the kitchen to a great extent.

The customized cabinets offer increased storage along with wonderful appeal. The Custom Kitchens cabinetry is an absolute indispensable item for those who wish to build their kitchens in a different and modernized fashion. But if you already have a kitchen and wish to enhance your kitchen with great looking custom cabinets, you can always have your existing cabinets refurbished.

The Power Tower is an in-bench full-service charging station with two USB ports and two standard Australian power outlets.  Designed specifically for in-home use the powerTower is the perfect solution for kitchen island benches or even the home office. When not in use the tower sits flush with your bench top or desk, blending seamlessly with your living space. The powerTower allows you to maintain the long clean lines of your splashback eliminating the need to cut in bulky and unsightly Power sockets.

The powerTower features

** Easy push down storage bay when not in use.
** Convenient USB charging and Power to any bench-top.
** Eliminates the need for costly and bulky sockets in your splashback.
** Overload protection

This system helps hide the outlets in such a smart way; the core of outlets pushes down into the counter, leaving only a pull tab visible on the surface. More ways to hide the outlets. We are your source for award-winning Electrical Pop Up outlets that can help to make your holiday bright. We are pleased to announce that powerTower is featured in Australia’s number one kitchen and bathroom publication, Kitchens and Bathrooms Quarterly.

Properly working Pop Up Electrical Outlet are essential to providing power to the many appliances and electrical devices that we use every day. Whether you are powering your refrigerator, drying your hair or listening to music, it is paramount that your outlets be in good working condition at all times. Not only can damaged or otherwise compromised outlets fail to provide you power when you need it, they can also be dangerous.

Our company goal is to deliver innovative and affordable electronic solutions to the Australian public. Focusing initially on the PowerTower we aim to expand our product line in the future so watch this space! Noticing that there was a gap in the market for smart benchtop power outlets and USB power solutions we introduced the PowerTower. PowerTower features a long lead that will connect to any standard power point.  If you do not have a power point under the bench of your intended location an electrician can install one for you.

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